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Judo in Neptune

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Take On Neptune's Best Judo Training!

Judo is a Japanese martial art known around the world as both an Olympic sport and a self-defense system. By combining Jiu Jitsu, a traditional style of wrestling, with philosophical components of self-discipline, Judo became a comprehensive study in what makes for effective self-defense. Using joint locks, sweeps, throws, and more, Judo is a great way to build robust fitness and to achieve a crowning sense of accomplishment. Join us at Southpaw Gym in Monmouth County and enjoy quality training in a community atmosphere.

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Why Choose Judo?

Judo classes can genuinely help you create better health, learn self-defense, and reduce the stress and anxiety you feel in everyday life. As a martial art, it builds confidence and will connect you with our amazing community at Southpaw Gym. You'll torch calories and feel better in no time.

When you train in Judo, you'll learn impressive sweeps and throws as well as get started on some of Neptune's most effective self-defense skills. The benefits are endless! From confidence and self-discipline to a happier and healthier mind and body, Judo classes are a powerful tool for enhancing your overall health.

Through Judo, you can enjoy:

  • An effective and sustainable workout
  • Improved balance and hand-eye coordination
  • Genuine self-defense skills for any situation
  • A support and uplifting fitness community

People often assume that martial arts training is all punches and kicks, but Judo is actually largely free of striking. Instead, it's a grappling discipline that will help you learn strategic thinking skills, build a powerful core, and enjoy @Loction's greatest workout! Join us at Southpaw Gym and get started today!

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Discover your potential with the best Judo classes available in Neptune. Our team at Southpaw Gym is professional, compassionate, and ready to help you achieve your goals... just stop by our gym and get started with a great workout and peerless self-defense skills!

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Our Judo Classes Are Located In

  • Neptune
  • Southpaw Gym 2.0

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