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Neptune Silat Classes

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Learn How To Protect Yourself From Any Threat With Our Silat Self-Defense Classes

Don't get caught off guard. Learn the best self-defense skills in Neptune today with our Silat classes at Southpaw Gym. This traditional self-defense discipline will teach you how to protect yourself in either open-hand or weapons combat.

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Silat Self-Defense Will Keep You Safe In Any Situation 

Whether you're training for competition, recreation, or just self-defense, our Silat Classes are perfect for you. You'll learn the basics of close combat fighting, including strategies and techniques to take down any opponent.

Once you've mastered the basics, you can practice your newfound skills on an opponent in a safe and controlled environment. 

Our Silat Self-Defense classes include:

  • Joint manipulation strategies
  • Nerve and muscle destruction
  • Leverage-based techniques
  • Empty hand and weapons based defense tactics
  • Drills and techniques for non-restrictive mannerisms and natural movements
  • Defenses against single opponents and multiple attackers
  • Improved timing, speed, awareness, balance, and confidence 
  • Real-world self-defense skills that work in any situation

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Our Silat Self Defense Classes Are Located In

  • Neptune
  • Toms River

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