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Kids Judo in Neptune

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Our Kids Judo Classes Help Students in Neptune Stay Strong!

Are you looking for an activity that will give your child confidence, teach them discipline, show them the value of hard work, and let them have fun all at the same time? 

Look no further than Southpaw Gym.

We're offering children from across Neptune and Monmouth/Ocean counties with a chance to learn a dynamic activity that will instill the important values of self-discipline, self-confidence, respect, and consistency while also giving them a great way to burn energy, make lasting friendships and enjoy...

The martial arts have been helping children become the best possible version of themselves for centuries... so enroll your child in our Kids Judo classes today and see the difference for yourself!

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Why Choose Our Kids Judo Program?

Judo is rooted in philosophy, teaching values that create strong personal growth. By training at Southpaw Gym, your child will discover new heights of confidence, acquire ironclad self-discipline, and learn smart goal-setting. These are transferable skills that will help your child perform well in school, have a successful professional career, and enjoy a rich personal life. Our Kids Judo classes are designed to set students up for lasting success!

Join us in Monmouth County for our Kids Judo and give your child:
  • The self-confidence they need to succeed
  • The discipline required to achieve their dreams
  • The smart goal-setting skills that will guide them to success
  • The community they need to support & uplift them on their journey

Give your child the opportunity to join other students from across the Monmouth County area in learning lifelong values, and our awesome instructors will make sure that they love every second of it. Our classes at Southpaw Gym incorporate fun games and activities into each kids martial arts class so that your child will be excited for each new lesson! Our Kids Judo will also cultivate a strong foundation for your child's physical development and teach important anti-bullying strategies

Join Us at Southpaw Gym For An Exciting Kids Martial Arts Program!

We're proud to be able to offer our community here in Neptune and across Monmouth County the kids martial arts program that it deserves. Our Kids Judo classes will create strong mental, physical, and spiritual development in students, plus give them all the tools they need to succeed in life. Isn't that what every parent wants for their child? Come visit our facility today and learn why the martial arts may be the best path forward for your child!

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Our Kids Judo Classes Are Located In

  • Neptune
  • Southpaw Gym 2.0

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